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About Seneca Investments

Company Background

Seneca Investments is a privately owned commercial real estate company founded in 1996. The company focuses on the development, acquisition, ownership and management of commercial real estate assets across many property types, with a focus on multifamily, senior housing, and hotels. Principals also have extensive experience with office, medical office, retail, condominium properties, and townhomes.

Seneca's principals and employees have a depth of education and experience in development, construction, design, engineering, finance, investment sales, consulting, real estate law, property management and asset management. Clients and partners include individual investors, private companies, and larger financial institutions.

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Guiding Principles

At Seneca, we are fully engaged in finding ways to create and grow value through commercial real estate investment. It is our belief that in order to maximize investment value, we must first value people. This includes our employees, but extends to all our business relationships.

Commercial real estate development requires strong management across many disciplines - design, budgeting, construction, finance, contracting and operations. A successful company has to have strong management across all disciplines, and it has to be adaptable to a changing business environment. In this complex system of connected disciplines, a focus on people facilitates success.

Creating and growing value is also about recognizing opportunities and acting on them. This comes through experience. At Seneca, our team has 100+ combined years of experience across 50+ commercial real estate projects in which our principals have served as the general partner.

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